Recruitment Update during Covid!

Gemma discusses the return back to office life and a current update on the recruitment place.

A quick hello from our Director -  Gemma Marshall 

What’s it like in recruitment at the moment?”

I am getting asked this question almost every day by friends and family and more often than not with a concerned or worried look on their face.

My answer is that actually things are looking up, just last week alone we had 6 new jobs come in and these new positions are across a variety of sectors- accounting, banking, funds and trust, IT and as well as finance we have also seen jobs come in within the commercial and retail sector- all of course great to see.

We have seen temporary projects come in offering juniors the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and the Trainee opportunities have been consistent showing future growth and long term career options within our clients - We have even seen the beginning of face to face interviews be held this week for the first time since March.

The return to office life is also on the rise for a lot of people/ previous job seekers have been able to negotiate a more flexible option for their working week offering them a better work/ life balance which has resulted in them remaining with their employers, I feel a lot of organisations have come together, they have been able to see each other in their home environment, support, encourage and motivate each other during “down days” and I believe have become more tight knit – perhaps now have become friends as well as colleagues.

It’s been great to see organisations come together for virtual pub quizzes, virtual wine tasting *er hello, sign me up!* Virtual bake offs, virtual chocolate debates, distance cycle and running challenges and much more- all of which I am sure have boosted morale during this very strange time.

Whilst there is a lot of positives to draw upon, I am certainly being realistic, yes things are a lot slower than they would usually be, some people have of course found themselves out of work or their position has changed somewhat. It’s been a worrying time for many with future concerns surrounding their role. I think it will be a few months (at least) before we see the real effect of the pandemic across the recruitment market here on our lovely little Island.

Whilst I certainly believe there are challenges ahead, I am remaining optimistic and I look forward to seeing new ways of working, new and different roles arising and shifts in how clients will operate will all be on the horizon.

For now, though we shall plod along! We are loving being back together as a team, we are loving speaking to our lovely clients and job seekers, and we are loving having a “real coffee”

Please do get in touch for any job-related queries, I am here to talk ?