Pros of going through a Recruitment Agency.

At Park we are seeing more and more candidates getting referred through friends to join them at their place of work, they would usually get a referral fee (which can even be split) and let’s face it - money is always a good incentive. With this increasingly possible why would you choose to go through an agency?


Range of roles

  • Agencies deal with multiple companies which means we are a one stop shop and know all the roles on the market! We can apply for several positions on your behalf at the same time without you having to lift a finger! When a new role is released, we contact you straight away giving you the best chance of securing that dream job!

Impartial Advice

  • Your friends experience at their current employer are their experience. We are all different. By working with one of the team at Park we can provide you with a variety of employers to consider ensuring you find the right place for you.


  • Having built up relationships and knowledge of the companies’ roles and processes we can support you through securing your position. We know the interview format, the culture to expect and can prepare you and support you every step of the way


  • This can be an awkward conversation to have if you’re not happy with your offered salary, holidays and other benefits but by using a Recruitment Consultant we can have all those awkward conversations and do the negotiations for you ensuring you bag the best deal possible!

Long application forms

  • We complete all the long application forms for the roles which saves you time and stress.


  • Having an assigned recruiter means they will arrange interviews, reply to queries on CV’s and do all the administration for you giving you plenty more time to do the fun things in life!

Market Knowledge

  • Not sure if you have a competitive salary, get treated fairly or just need some general advice Recruitment agencies have years of experience and will give you honest feedback and guidance.


  • Finding a new role can be a challenging and sometimes scary time, your Consultant will be with you every step of the way supporting you through the process and helping you present yourself in the best way possible.

With all the above information why wouldn’t you visit us here at Park, you have nothing to lose and it doesn’t cost you a thing! I know what I would do.