Postman continues to deliver despite flooding – he must really love his job!

This is a great story, full of warmth, commitment beyond the cause, passion and, obviously, job satisfaction!

Despite the worst floods in Thailand for 50 years, in spite of the presence of leeches and crocodiles, Bangkok postman, Somyod Somsamai, continues to wade through waist deep waters to deliver the post. He has even made it onto youtube.

You may ask yourself why? If ever there was a reasonable excuse for a day off, pestilential floods, blood-sucking leeches and large carnivorous reptiles would appear to tick that box. For Somyod, however, ‘People need their mail’.

Despite personal risk, clear and present danger, the responsibility the postman feels for his customers, his colleagues and his employer is frankly staggering. Whatever the Thai postal services are doing to create engagement and a meaningful employment experience, it would appear to be paying off.