Payrises- Getting it right!

Navigating the payrise convo can be tricky- here we share our tips and tricks to help you tackle the subject!

We are back and absolutely delighted to be back in the podcast studio and today we are kicking off with Payrises, how and when is the right time to ask for that increase?

Talking about money can be difficult, even scary. It’s a topic that makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable. Whether you’re negotiating higher pay in a new job offer or vying for an increase in your current role, discussing salary can be downright stressful.

You’re afraid of getting turned down, making things awkward, or even offending your manager. So, you make excuses as a way to sidestep the conversation. You tone down your requests—or worse, you don’t ask at all.

So today we want to try and make that process easier for you, we have some tips and tricks to help navigate this process and make the conversation that bit easier!

Asking for a raise isn’t about having a confrontation; rather, it’s about creating an opportunity to seek what you deserve.

Good luck!