Passion & Energy !

Passion & Energy !

I couldn’t help but feel moved by Liverpool’s recent Carabao cup win. With players out injured the youngsters pulled it out of the bag to bring home the trophy. Amazing to see the less experienced secure the win however, it’s the passion and leadership of Jurgen Klopp that had me moved. I mean what a legend the guy is, you can literally feel the energy, passion and commitment beaming from the screen (and all through those Turkey teeth!) He is just so real, so likeable. A pure “coach” who gets to know his players as people. He makes me feel like you could achieve anything with him on your side and if his team feel like that each game what more can you ask for?

It also reminds me just how key good energy is. Passion.

It got me thinking about the results you achieve with a more coaching style in leadership. 20 years ago, the whole command and control style of management was around me, develop your skills and expertise in an area, do the job well and consistently, and then move to teach others to do it. Then manage their performance. In this fast paced and changing environment that style just doesn’t cut it. There has always been so much discussion around the roles of Manager and Leader, who you are and what style you demonstrate. And how interesting how many people these days seek a coach outside of their manager/leader’s role. So, does the coaching style cover it all? Support and guide and learn to adapt and let this bring up that energy.

I had another reminder about good energy at the weekend. I had the pleasure of lunch at Longueville (scallop and beef btw sooo good) and the Sommelier was as pleasant and formal as one would expect, we asked him to recommend a wine and he proposed a Greek white, when I asked why, he went on to talk about it being from a vineyard close to his home, the conversation developed and we then started to discuss his real passion – street basketball – and it’s here that the true authentic energy and passion came out. With chortles and shared discussions on trainers flowing you could feel that positive energy. And whilst it wasn’t relevant to the enjoyment of our food or the wine it was relevant to our experience. 

Big energy and passion – worth remembering we should bring it out as much as possible. 

So, I have decided to try and work on bringing that energy – I also realised I need me a Klopp!

And there is this months to do list – “Bring it” and be more Klopp 😊