Olympics will bring "revolution" to flexible working !

Just read an interesting report stating that the London Olympics will be a “watershed moment” that embeds widespread flexible working practices in the UK!

The report featured on People Manager by the Family and Parenting Institute charity said that the adoption of family friendly flexi-time by a large number of employers during the 2012 Games will leave a legacy that lasts long after the sporting celebrations have ended.

A longer term shift in work culture driven by the Olympic Games is set to be backed by the government as it takes forward legislation to encourage more flexible working. This includes the Children and Families Bill, and the soon to be published government response to the Modern Workplaces consultation, which both aim to make it simpler for employers to adopt flexible working practices.

This could be great news for those working in London this summer and a positive step towards more longer term flexibility of working hours although we imagine it will take a little longer to make it to Jersey shores....!