Starting Again

Starting Again

This week Lesley shares her recent experiences starting again!

When you have spent the last 17 years helping others find their happy place and you find after all that time that you are having to now start giving yourself your own professional guidance – it’s a strange place to be in, but these are strange times!

I could make a lengthy list of all the different emotions this brought about but the one that rose to the top was being able to resonate with those who find themselves in an environment that simply isn’t right for them anymore.

A lot of time can be spent constantly questioning what’s not right and the truth is that makes things worse. You enter a personal battle trying to reason with yourself over your feelings when the answer is usually right in front of you…… you need to act on it! How we get to this position can be for a variety of reasons, putting you into unknown territory and that’s what causes the trepidation.

Changes in circumstances or environments can put us in to a place that we are not comfortable with. Being uncomfortable for a large amount of time each week takes its toll on us both at work and into our personal lives – something we want to keep as our time out zone. Finding your ‘trip switch’ of when is the right time to look for a new role or even what the role may look like is the biggest first step and that’s where we can help.

All too often we may put things off until next month let alone tomorrow but I think if we’ve learnt anything over the past 18 months (as well as how well we can now wash our hands!) there will never be a better time than the present. A friendly ear is often a good starting point where you can throw about ideas, goals, ambitions or sometimes as in my case, that friendly ear tells you to just do it which was surprisingly quite cathartic and gave me a gentle shove!

The opportunities on island are consistently growing which is exciting and gives hope to many of us for so many reasons. So don’t wait any longer, come and have a chat with any one of us at Park and let us be your friendly ear, we really are very good at listening and above all else remember……. Know what’s right for you and trust your gut instinct. It’s the one thing that will never lie to you and you will be so glad you did.