The Little Things

The Little Things

Spring is here. Bright blue skies, daffodils smiling everywhere, blossom, light mornings. Even the tights may be about to be ditched! It's so apparent how the small things can enrich life particularly at this time of year. 

Colleagues, clients, and candidates alike all seem to have a (literal) spring in their step, everything seems easier and more positive - Long may it continue! 

It got me thinking about the little things and reminded me of the above quote (Jon Kabat-Zinn).

Gemma and I have really been enjoying our podcasts, only recently we have been able to share so much from other people’s worlds and with each one we take away not only their messages and experiences but also their reflections. 

It's so easy to forget to look back and be proud of where you are. Celebrate the small successes. When we are “in” the moment, whether that’s work or personally we don’t often take the time to reflect and be proud. 

Yesterday we shared the recording studio with Sam and Molly from Mollies Cupcakes – they started so small, an idea and brand that grew from Sam eating a homemade Oreo cupcake and developing for them to have left employment and become full time in their roles running and growing the business – what a journey! We spent time with Matt Falla who following a personal experience setup Man Club on the Island to help men talk about their feelings - he decided to give to others, and now a support group that can make such a massive difference is there every month. We also spent time with local Advocate Caroline Dutot who shared with us her journey from school studying an AS in Law through to running her own successful law firm and her plans to mentor aspiring female lawyers on their journeys - inspirational.This morning Melanie Mayer Davies from Rivoli talked to us about being a 14-year-old working in her family business to now running two successful high street jewellery businesses and all the challenges and joy that a career in the retail sector can give you. Each story different but celebrating where you have come from, hearing the challenges you overcame and the joy you take from what you do. 

And this isn’t even my day job 😊