It’s pay rise season!

It’s pay rise season!

Most employees across financial services are now having their salaries reviewed… 

  • Have you had yours? 
  • If so, are you happy with the increase you’ve had?

As a recruiter, the most popular question I get from individuals over the first quarter of every year is “What’s the market rate for someone with my experience?”. 

Across Trust, Funds, and Compliance (which are also the hardest areas to recruit for due to high demand) there has been a super increase in salary bandings… meaning you are probably underpaid

Other areas such as Accounting, Operations, Marketing, and HR are also on the rise. 

We have access to the latest salary figures and have a variety of clients and roles paying what you’re worth - along with 'market rate' pay, these employers will offer you opportunities to grow and develop, and have a great work-life balance. What's not to love?!

If you'd like to discuss your next career move and be up to date on all market insights, drop me a message!