Hello from Lockdown

Hello from Lockdown

Hi all

I have lost count of which week we are in as in relation to being “locked down” …… I think it is week 3….? I have lost count of which day it is, what hour it is, what should we have for lunch? An Easter egg seems to be appropriate? All rules seem to have gone out the window and being at home for now seems to be the new norm and we have no choice but to roll with it and all do the very best that we can.

To be honest Lockdown has been a real eye opener for me and given me a bit of time to get off the hamster wheel and just sit back and reflect a little …… There is so much positivity to draw upon……. I have loved watching the community coming together, little acts of kindness bringing smiles to people’s faces, rainbows in windows, painted colourful stones, Thursday clapping, spending time with my husband and my son Teddy, facetiming my nan (challenge, comedy, emotional rollercoaster all rolled into one) playing board games, weekly quiz nights with my besties and spending time just TALKING. These have all been little rays of sunshine for me and I do hope will continue once life returns to normal? Whatever normal is going to look like!

Us Park crew have been having a daily call each morning, just to say hello and check in on each other, it gives us time to catch up and keep each other in the loop of what’s been happening both work wise and in our homelives, this for me is definitely a good start to the day and keeps me motivated work wise for a daily plan of action – I am certainly very grateful for Technology!

During one of these calls I asked them each to share their thoughts on how they are finding lock down here in Jersey as well as any predictions for the future…….

What we are feeling grateful for:

Carol says: I am feeling so very grateful for the beautiful Island I live in, the Seaview! The hospital, health and care workers who are working around the clock. I am also now getting to grips with WhatsApp and am loving my calls with my baby Grandson.

Toni – Ever the sun worshipper is loving the weather we are having, she has fallen back in love with her garden and has spent many hours planting flowers and playing with her toddler Millie, she has also been out with her family exploring the beauty Jersey has to offer (within her 2 hours of course!)

Megan is feeling super grateful for her family, friends and dog, her health, getting to call Jersey home and agrees with Toni and Carol in everyone who is working hard to keep us healthy & safe.

What are we missing?

Common themes from us all is that we are missing our friends and family, just general socialising and being spontaneous! We can all agree that we are missing our daily routine and structure as well as group activities such as our weekly Park run’s, the Gym and other group gatherings…. Such as the pub ?

What is isolation teaching us?

For me, it’s all about learning to slow down! I am always running around from one place to another, diary is always full (don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with friends and family), but It doesn’t always have to be go,go,go. I want to resume my passion for reading, I want to stop spending money on things I do not need. I want to remain in contact with old friends, since the pandemic I have heard and reached out to long lost friends that I have not spoken to in years! It’s been great to catch up on each other’s lives and I don’t want to lose contact again. In some ways I feel the world has become much smaller- we are all in this together.

Carol says that she is longing for some kind of normality and being able to appreciate the little things - a simple ‘good morning’ can brighten your day ?

She, I am sure like everyone else has been having a massive clear out! We have so much that we just don’t use!

Appreciate spending wisely, second hand Bernina sewing machine, she is still making those masks!

Megan’s thoughts: 

  • It’s ok to not be ok 100% of the time

  • I stress too much over things that aren’t important

  • Make the most of every single day

 What Isolation has taught Toni:

  • I thrive in structure and routine

  • I sweat on the small stuff

  • I spend too much money on things that are not necessary

  • Technology is both amazing and dangerous at the same time

Finally, I asked how each other how we feel the world may change following this, both on the work front and the world in general, we had an interesting discussion and the thoughts from us all:

  • A more proactive approach to supporting and buying local

  • An increase in roles offering flexible or home working options!

  • More focus on investment in technology/process improvements

  • Stronger community, a rise in volunteering

  • Global Hope – eradication of live markets

  • Investment into more Scientific Research and Technology

  • A rise in taxes

  • Less pollution and cautious travel for a lot of people

But for now, its business as usual from our homes and phones, We are grateful for everyone pulling together and we will continue to blog and keep in touch.

With love- all at Park ?