Feedback Makes us Stronger

What exactly is feedback? We hear the term daily, but do we truly know what it is and why it is so important?

Feedback adds value to businesses in many ways. If you’re an internet shopping fan like me you’ve probably noticed the increase of feedback requests from retailers ‘How would you rate your shopping experience? Did the product meet your expectations? etc.’ all to help improve your experience as brand.

In the workplace feedback is one of the most powerful tools management can use, without constructive feedback how would we know whether we’re meeting our objectives, if we’re doing well or if improvements are required.

In recruitment the service we provide to both Clients and Candidates is key, knowing how well (or not!) we are performing, as well if there are any improvements to be made is vital to keep the business on track.

Sure, receiving a thank you bottle of fizz or box of chocolates from a happy candidate never hurt, and, this in itself can be counted as positive feedback but out of all the candidates we see and place its still only a minority that we receive feedback from.

Earlier this year we launched our post registration feedback survey giving the chance for our candidates to provide feedback on an anonymous basis. Over the past few months I’ve been recording the data and last week I got the chance to share it with the team.

Whilst the amount of people who took the time to complete the survey is still a very small percentage compared the amount of the people who walk through our doors, it still gave us the chance to review and see if/how there’s anything we should be changing.

Sharing the results was very positive as it gave the team a chance to hear how much candidates appreciate the work that they do on a daily basis. Majority of the questions we ask are simple rate out of 1-10 and at the end of the survey candidates are given the option to write any comments about their personal registration experience. The comments we received were so motivational and at the end of a busy week it was a perfect pick-me-up and reminder of why we’re in the world of recruitment!

Do you monitor and review feedback in your business?