How do you view discrimination? Does it matter to your work place what you choose to wear, the colour of your hair, or anything else? This is a massive subject and I hope me writing this blog enables you to have some open conversations with your colleagues.

This month I wanted to write a blog that challenges discrimination in the workplace. It’s a massive subject as discrimination can take so many forms. 

We are living in an increasingly diverse world where we encourage our children, friends etc., to be who they are. But does that same encouragement filter down to working in a professional environment? 

I recently read an article where an employer told their staff member to take off nail varnish as it wasn’t deemed professional. This was a male colleague. His gripe was that he was sat next to one of his colleagues who had long painted nails. Was this fair? Sadly, he left his job because the relationship with his employer became toxic and he felt he was in a controlling culture. The positive is that he went on to find another role which was actually better and more in line with his skill set. Does it matter that your staff, whether they are male or female wear nail polish? Would a few drops of colour, that didn’t impact that person’s ability to do a good job, stop you from hiring them or encourage you to fire them? 

So many companies are now offering a hybrid work life, with time spent at home and in the office. How would that impact an individual's right to choose to wear nail varnish whilst working at home? Does it even matter? There are some concessions, we know that there are options for some staff to wear casual clothes to work, but there are limitations on what you can wear, for example, no ripped jeans, slogans, gym gear, appropriate necklines. But this does give people the ability to be an individual and to choose to wear a certain style, if that’s what they’re comfortable in.

Discrimination is a massive subject, and I’ve literally scraped the tip to give you a bit of food for thought.