Data Security when Home Working

Given the current situation across the world more of us than ever are working from the comfort of our own homes. Whilst the technology has been there for many years a lot of us still prefer the discipline of the office environment and for others it’s simply not an option based on their company policies. There is also the matter of keeping data secure whilst accessing it outside of the office. We’ve all heard horror stories in the past of laptop’s being left on trains and confidential papers being leaked after they got into the wrong hands but this doesn’t have to be the case!

If you share your home with your partner or family members, chances are pretty high that there’s probably more than one of you trying to work from home at the moment. If at all possible try to find your own corner of the home to work from so that you can be certain everything is secure. If this isn’t a possibility then make sure that your screen isn’t viewable by others and if you are taking a quick snack or tea break (or ten!) then ensure the screen is always locked whenever you step away.

Another thing to consider is how your files are managed. Where at all possible it is recommended to keep all content on an online based system such as Office 365, where data can be held and managed securely rather than stored locally on an individuals device. If you are dealing with physical paper documents make sure they’re transported safety to and from the office and kept for your eyes only at home. Next up passwords, whilst it can be tempting to set the same easy to remember password for all your systems ‘Letmein’ and ‘123456’ isn’t going to cut it.

At Park we are still open for business at normal (whether this be working from our kitchen tables!) we’re still committed to finding our candidates their happy place and clients the right person for their jobs. You can be assured that during these uncertain times that the safety of your data is still as important as ever.

For further useful information on data protection during these times the JOIC have lots of great articles which can be found here;

Stay safe- Park Team x