Celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012

With just a few days left to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend celebrations we thought that it would be fun to bring you some interesting facts from the six decades spanning from her accession in 1952 to her Diamond Jubilee milestone this June 2012. The six decades of the Queen’s reign have seen incredible changes in the way we live, work and communicate – we found it fascinating as we looked back – we hope you do too!

Let’s start with the years 1952-1962

At the start of this first decade of the Queen’s reign, the world was still recovering from World War 2; by its end, the Cold War was reaching its height.

Food rationing was finally abolished, and hire-purchase restrictions loosened, leading to a boom in sales of food, radios, televisions and refrigerators.

Some iconic cars made their first appearance – the Mini and the Ford Cortina.

We also saw Britain's first supermarket, commercial TV channel (and adverts), passenger jet and motorway.

Decolonisation in Africa, Asia and the West Indies began, and many immigrants arrived from the West Indies to bolster Britain’s workforce. Meanwhile the ‘ten pound poms’ scheme encouraged many British people to try their luck in emigrating to Australia

The term ‘teenager’ began to be used for the first time and music was transformed by the arrival of rock 'n' roll and Elvis from the US.

As the decade drew to its close, the birth control pill appeared for the first time, signalling big changes for women to come.

Year By Year 1952-1962


  • Princess Elizabeth became Queen following the death of her father, King George VI, on Feb 6th

  • The De Havilland Comet is becomes the world’s first jet airliner

  • Sooty first appears on BBC TV


  • The Queen's Coronation took place on June 2nd, prompting many people to acquire a TV for the first time

  • The North Sea Flood kills hundreds of people on the east coast

  • Tommy Taylor, a 21-year-old centre forward, becomes Britain’s most expensive footballer in a £29,999 transfer from Barnsley to Man Utd.

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