Attitude = Results

Something that is happening imminently in my personal life is that I’m about to become a Father! Emotions of excitement and nervousness fill me every day! 

It dawned on me that perhaps many of the feelings I’m having about impending fatherhood could be transferred into that of an employee. Lately I’ve been a little down if truth be told, I’m thinking to myself, I’ve got no clue what to do with a baby, what if I’m not a good Dad? What if I make mistakes? I’m sure lots of people feel this way, however, maybe we don’t fully contemplate that this happens in lots of areas in life, especially work! What if you mess up at the office? Did you know exactly what you were doing when you first started out? Do you think you’ll get to a point where you know it all and you’ve got the answer to everything? I thought to myself, well, how do I overcome this at work, maybe this will help in my personal life too…. 

Attitude = Results. I love to have a positive mentality every day and give off good energy, but if I just sit with my thoughts and think negatively about everything that could possibly go wrong, it probably won’t go well for me, but if I’m proactive, upbeat and keen for the challenge, then nothing can stop me. I mean, when does anyone have everything figured out anyway?

I’m trying to get better at work by chatting to my colleagues and get advice from people more experienced than me. I’m trying to do professional studies to improve my technical knowledge, and most importantly, I’m doing it, every day, after all, practice makes perfect right? I’m practicing my craft everyday just simply by doing and I’ll do the same thing as a Dad. I’m going to wake up every day and just do it, when I open my eyes in the morning, I’ll still be a Dad. I need to chat to my friends and family who have kids and I can benefit from their existing knowledge. I’ll read the baby books! If I have a positive attitude and take a proactive approach, I’ll get more out of the experience, and everyone will be better off for it – there is literally no downside. I want good results; I need a good attitude. 

This has been a personal post for me, but I hope you can see that the message applies to everything, your attitude can affect multiple areas of your life. Yes, life can be nerve wracking and perhaps you don’t have all the answers, but be positive, surround yourself with strong people and do what you do! Practice with the intention to succeed and nothing can stop you. 

Be unstoppable.