Career choices with Park

Career choices with Park

We at park are always looking for new ideas to help our candidates find their dream job! This time we thought bigger and better and decided to hold a free event for individuals who may be looking for a career change! We realised from previous conversations with candidates, that a lot of people don’t know their options? Or had some reservations about changing career? Really, we just wanted to give advice.

We decided to aim this event at people working within the retail sector as we see so many great candidates with amazing customer service experience that didn’t know that working in finance could be a career option for them. Some may not want to enter the financial world and that’s also fine, we have many roles within the commercial sector that may also be appealing.

The event was held after work to ensure it was accessible to everyone. (well nearly everyone) So, with help from the loving spoonful with their cosy venue and tasty snacks, we seen some great candidates from all career backgrounds. We also asked one of our previous candidates to come in that had recently been placed by park after over 15years in retail!! We thought this would be nice for others in the same position to speak to someone who had been in the same situation. Gemma will be discussing this in her blog!!

It works both ways…

Maybe you’re in finance and looking to break into the world of retail, catering or even the care sector? It’s all possible.

I started off my career working within an office in the retail sector, my first job and no idea what I wanted to do after hastily deciding to leave college early. After 4 years in the same position I needed a change and wanted to see what else was out there. I was offered a job in a nursery through a friend, completely different to what I had done before but something I was also interested in. A few years later I went travelling before returning into office work. Still unsure of what I wanted to do, I decided to take a break from the corporate world and ended up spending nearly 3 years in the care sector. (I’ve been around the block!)

I’ll be honest, I’ve loved all my previous jobs but really felt I had to try out everything before deciding what path I wanted to go down! Now I’m settled and happy with my position within recruitment, I feel like everything I have done previously has provided me with the skillset I needed to be successful in recruitment.

So, although you might not hold direct experience in the finance sector, you probably have transferable skills and other great experience that would be interesting to a potential employer!

What’s next? 

We’ve got a trio of events coming up, details to be confirmed! The first event will be a CV Workshop, with the opportunity to bring in your own laptops and I-pads and create the perfect CV with all the help you need from us at park. Even if you want to just tweak your current CV or have some tips on layout? We are here to answer all your recruitment needs.

Keep your eyes peeled for further details!!!