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We have a fantastic opportunity for an Employment Lawyer/Expert to join a growing HR consultancy business.

The position joins a fantastic team, offers greater role flexibility and work with a mixture of clients across the Channel Islands.

This role would suit those:

  • who want more control over the work they are obliged to accept and the resources they have to do it;
  • who are seeking a strong work/life balance rather than a long hours’ culture, tight time constraints and target-driven ethos of private practice;
  • who want to focus on, explore and expand their specialism rather than have it diluted down to an incidental add-on to corporate or litigation departments;
  • who want to work as part of a team where your specialism is valued and sought rather than feel stuck with entrenched hierarchical elitism that rewards style and not substance; or
  • maybe you are an NQ whose experience of law firm life is not what you were hoping?

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